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Winter Waterproofing your Home in Extreme Weather

Waterproofing your Home in the Winter

winter waterproofing homeWhile a winter wonderland is beautiful for the holidays, icy winter conditions can wreak havoc on your home.  It’s important for homeowners to watch for signs of foundation cracks and leaks.  Doing a winter inspection of your home can uncover potential problems and prevent costly repairs.
Here are tips for winter waterproofing your home in freezing weather conditions.
1) Pipes freezing. Every winter season, the pipes in your home are at risk of damage from freezing conditions. No homeowner wants to deal with the damages, expenses and the messes caused by a frozen pipe. To protect indoor pipes from bursting, don’t let the temperature dip lower than 55 degrees.
And it’s not just pipes in your home that are in danger. It’s your outside hose too. A frozen garden hose can cause more damage than a busted hose and actually can an interior pipe to bust. Unhook outdoor hoses and drain them.  Then put a protective cover over the outdoor faucet to keep it from freezing.
2) Cracks in your Home’s Foundation. Foundation Damage is Common in Winter. During the winter, melting snow and ice can seep into cracks in your home and then freeze. Once a crack forms, your home no longer has a structurally sound base.  This can leak to walls and ceilings to start cracking.
3) Moisture Problems.  You may not see the signs of moisture in the winter.  But as the temperatures rise in the spring and summer, mold and mildew can grow.  It’s important to stop moisture problems fast before they get out of control. Improving air circulation with a fan can help.  Using a dehumidifier can also dry out the air.  But once mold really sets in, it’s time to call an expert.
If you’ve noticed any cracking or damage in your home’s foundation this winter season, contact MD Waterproofing. We can help you stop foundation damage in its tracks.
Contact us today at (866) 985-0045 for a complimentary, no obligation quotation for winter waterproofing your home or repairing water damage.

Hope these tips for Winter Waterproofing your Home inspired you to take action and protect your home.

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