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What To Do When Water Damage Strikes your Maryland Home

Minimize Water Damage By Acting Fast: What Maryland Homeowners Can Do

water damageNothing is worse then sleeping through a big rain storm to wake up and find that the sump pump gave out and your basement is flooded.  Once the water damage is done, acting fast can make a real difference in the damage your home suffers. So what can you do when disaster strikes your home? Here’s an action plan to help you minimize the water damage to your home.

  • Discover the Source of the Water Damage.

    Do a quick visual inspection to see if you can get a sense of what caused the water damage to occur in your Maryland home.

    Was the water damage caused by:
    – a pipe that burst
    – a failed sump pump
    – leaking water heater
    – flooding from a storm
    – backed up sewer
    – crack in the foundation
    – severe weather such as a hurricane or storm
    – damage on the roof or gutters

  • Call a Restoration Services Company Right Away to Repair the Water Damage.

    The longer you let the water sit in your home, the more water damage occurs.  Mold starts growing if the area is not cleaned up within 48 hours so acting fast is critical.  The water can damage your drywall.  Furniture may not be salvageable if mildew sets in.  Besides the damage to your property, mold can cause considerable health issues as well for your family.
    So call a reputable waterproofing company right away for an estimate on repair and clean up.

  • Notify your Insurance Company to Report the Water Damage.

    You’ll want to ask your insurance agent what water damage is covered by your homeowners insurance policy and file a claim.  If damage was caused by a flood, you may have flood insurance to cover the damage.

  • Access the WATER Damage TO BELONGINGS.

    Go through your furniture, clothing, and belongings to determine what is salvageable and what items need to be disposed of.  If in doubt, your water restoration services company can help you determine if items can be cleaned or are at high risk of developing mold and mildew and need to be tossed. You may have to rent a trash bin.  If you call your local garage company you can find out if special pick up is needed for larger items like a couch.

When Water Damage and Disaster Strikes, You Aren’t Alone

Know that there are professionals who can help you clean up the mess, repair the water damage and get your Maryland home back to normal again

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