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Struggling with Wet Basement Issues in Maryland

Wet Basement Issues in Maryland – What to do when your basement is flooded.

wet basement issues marylandDo you see water oozing from cracks in the basement wall? Are your carpets damp? Does the basement smell damp? Is there standing water on your basement floor? If left untreated, damp basements pose a health risk by allowing from growth of mold and mildew in the carpet, drywall, and other furnishings.  Getting a dehumidifier is not always the answer.  You should know that these are signs you have serious wet basement issues in Maryland and need help!

Regardless of the cause if you have a basement; it is important to waterproof your basement to avoid having water damage from leaks, cracks and other issues.

It’s important to determine where the moisture is coming in.  Web basements can happen in new and old homes alike. Water could be coming from outside and leaking into the home. Sometimes moisture can come from an internal source such as a leaky bathroom.  Water can also form when you live in a humid environment and the humidity turns into condensation as the water cools and remains on the surface. Homes are particularly susceptible to this in the summer time during hot and humid weather. Some regions experience considerable rain that without proper sloping can lead to wet basements.

Having a Professional evaluate your Wet Basement Issues in Maryland Is Critical.

A basement waterproofing company has the experience to spot tell tale signs of the incoming moisture.  They can spot if it’s a crack in the foundation, fault downspouts and gutters, or poorly functioning drainage systems.

Corrective Actions that Can Stop Wet Basement Issues

Waterproofing a basement can be a costly, but necessary, investment. A waterproofing professional will come out and inspect the situation to determine the source of water damage. He will find where the water is coming from.  They will look for signs of structural damage. Then they will determine the repairs that are needed to address the leak issues.  At that point you will get an estimate for the cost of repairs.

They may ask questions like how long you have owned your home.  If you have experienced any previous water damage in your basement.  Or if you typically see water after a big rain storm.

Some of the possible wet basement solutions for Maryland based homes may include:

– Changing the slope of the home by adding additional soil to slope away from the foundation of the home
– Adding additional downspouts and gutters or moving existing ones
– Finding and fixing leaky window wells
– Improving function of the drain tile and sump pit
– Making sure heating ducts are properly insulated
– Fixing structural cracks that are causing water to seep in

Repairs may take a few days or even a few weeks depending on the work needed to be done.

If there is a considerable amount of flooding and damage, a waterproofing company can pump out the water, dry and sanitize the space, and help return your basement back to it’s original state.

Who Should You hire to Solve Your Wet Basement Maryland Problems?

When hiring a waterproofing contract look for someone who has the team and equipment to handle the job.  An experienced contractor can bring a lot of working knowledge to the table to make sure the job is done right. Check out their reviews for wet basement issues in Maryland vendors to make sure customers are happy with their waterproofing services.

End your Wet Basement Issues in Maryland Homes – Contact MD Waterproofing for a Free Estimate Today!

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