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Things You Should Know About Fixing Your Leaky Foundation Wall

One of the most common problems in most of the houses is a leaking basement that is your foundation wall. It is basically the result of the combination of time and nature. In no way, it implies that the home wasn’t built well. There are many factors that are man made and causes the leak to worsen. Every type of foundation is vulnerable to leakage, be it of concrete or masonry or any other material. Repairing a foundation leak is very important and it is neither an expensive nor a hard job.

Leaky Foundation Wall

If there are signs that indicate foundation leakage, you need to get them fixed instantly to avoid any major problems in future. In this blog, we will be discussing the different things you need to know about fixing the foundation leakage. So, let’s get started:  

Is It Really Leaking?

It may sound a weird question to you but there are times when a wet basement is the cause of leakage plumbing. Many homeowners don’t realize the tap is leaking the water onto the floor of the basement. You have to make sure that your foundation is actually leaking and not the tap. The reason being a plumbing leak can’t be fixed if you take the steps to fix your foundation wall. Once you have established the fact that the foundation wall is in fact leaking, the leaky basement repair work can get started.

Considerations When Fixing the Leaking

Once you have established that your foundation wall is leaking, take into consideration different repair approaches that work best for your house.You can start with preventing the water from penetrating the foundation wall. You can further control the water that is entering the basement so it doesn’t seep into the floor or you can fill the void through which water is passing.

You also have to take into consideration the location of the leakage as it will affect the feasibility of the repair approaches. Another factor is the type of foundation because a concrete block wall is usually hollow. So, in this case, if you the fill the void from where the water is passing, it won’t work. Choosing the most suitable method to leaky basement repair is the toughest call to make.

Waterproofing exterior foundation walls – It is the best approach when there are multiple leaks behind basement walls that can’t be opened. Here, foundation wall is excavated, cleaned and the cracks are filled and walls are coated.

Broad Brush – Here, you waterproof the entire wall on the exterior regardless of the number of cracks.

Fixing walls from inside - By draining the block walls into a drain system, you fix it from inside. This captured water is then routed to the sump pump for evacuation purpose.

Make sure that you are inspecting the walls of your basement regularly for any leaks or cracks. This will help you in being aware of any problems before they get out of hand. The repairs of your leaky basement are essential to keep the foundation of your house in the firm position that should be given professional and the best treatment. If you are facing any foundation leakage, contact us and we will help you in taking the proper measures and further in making it a steady foundation.

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