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Mold and Waterproofing Tips for Homeowners

Mold and Waterproofing – What You Need to Know To Keep Your Home Safe and Health

Every Day Mold vs. Problem Mold: When to Opt for Professional Mold Removal Services 

mold and waterproofingMold growth is linked to the development of numerous health conditions that are related to one’s respiratory system. This is due to the fact that mold spores are microscopic and thus, tend to go unnoticed while they are mobile within the air. Accordingly, the first signs of mold overgrowth in one’s home that can cause a need for mold and waterproofing tend to revolve around the development of eye and respiratory allergies. These are:

  • eye irritation such as red, itchy, or watery eyes
  • respiratory problems which include difficulty in breathing or wheezing
  • throat irritation
  • persistent sneezing or cough
  • nasal congestion

Furthermore, mold growths tend to speed up the rate at which building materials deteriorate. As a direct result of building material deterioration, the market value of one’s home plummets drastically.  That’s why taking mold and waterproofing preventative measures quickly are so important.

Therefore, mold growths ought to be dealt with as swiftly and effectively as possible. It is worth noting, however, that not every type of mold growth requires professional intervention and one can easily take up mold remediation as a DIY project. As such, making the choice regarding whether or not to use professional services for mold removal depends on the type of mold growth.

When Mold and Waterproofing Problems Are Harmful: Every Day Mold vs. Problem Mold

Every day mold is typically easy to identify because it is easily found in home areas that have elevated levels of air moisture. These are areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, basements, and along the edges of doors.

On the other hand, problem mold is the type found growing on studs, drywall, and sub-flooring. This type of mold cannot be handled as a DIY project as it is very hard to reach and therefore, requires a professional’s insight, training, and equipment to eradicate.

DIY Mold Remediation vs. Acquiring Professional Mold and Waterproofing Services

DIY mold removal projects tend to be cost effective as one does not have to pay hefty sums of money on acquiring professional mold and waterproofing services. However, owing to the fact that mold spores are microscopic and easily airborne, personally taking on the task of mold removal may be disadvantageous because one could easily spread the mold spores throughout the house to result in mold overgrowth in other non-infected areas.

Furthermore, molding is hard to detect without proper equipment and could result in unnecessary and irreparable damage on the basement wall and floor surfaces. As such, large-scale DIY mold and waterproofing is not recommended as one may discharge mold spores that may result in an overgrowth in an area where one has to procure professional mold and waterproofing services. This tends to cost much more than what the initial estimate could have been.

Benefits one Gains from Professional Mold and Waterproofing Services

There are numerous benefits of hiring professional mold and waterproofing services. First, professionals are trained in detecting the root source of a mold outbreak and thus, no damage is caused during this process. Second, the chances of mold spores being agitated and released into the air are reduced which means that the likelihood of causing an outbreak of mold overgrowth elsewhere is minimal. Lastly, mold removal professionals are effective in thoroughly eliminating mold from all types of surfaces. Therefore, the most vital advantage of using professional mold and waterproofing services is that these services efficiently eliminate mold spores that are typically associated with the development of respiratory health problems in both humans as well as pets.

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