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Experiencing Leaky Basement Problems in Baltimore?

Tips for Homeowners on Overcoming Leaky Basement Problems in Baltimore

leaky basement problems in baltimoreAs our home ages, it is quite common to see wear and tear appearing here and there. While some parts of the home take some time to experience the first wear and tear, there are others which happen a bit earlier. One key area to watch for is leaky basement problems in Baltimore.

No one likes to walk down their basement steps only to see water pooled up on the floors. It ruins carpets.  It water stains furniture.  It can also cause damage to drywall.

If you see signs of water on the floor of the basement, you should attend to it immediately. Don’t ignite it. Any delay in this process could lead to extensive damage and over a period of time it could start compromising on the foundation of your home. Here are the various ways and means by which leaky basement problems in Baltimore can be fixed.

What Are The Reasons For Moisture and Leaking in Baltimore Basements

Unless we are able to identify the right reasons for such leaks in the basement, it will be difficult to fix it. The reasons could be quite a few and some of the most common reasons are because of cracks in walls, damage to sewer pipes, cracks on the floorings, mortar joints giving way, honeycombs, damaged or corroded water pipe conduits and much more. It could also be that the Or perhaps the sump pump gave out. Hence, you should call in a waterproofing expert to identify the cause and repair the leaks. Once the source of moisture is identified then preventive action is taken to ensure that future leaks won’t occur.

Identifying The Source Of Leaky Basement Problems in Baltimore Is Important

The next important point is to always look for the source of the leak and find out ways and means by which the spread can be limited. For example, if the water seepage is occurring because of corroded inlet or outlet pipes, the first priority should be to stop water supply to these pipes, especially in the areas where it is running through the basements. This will prevent further damage and could help identify the exact spot from where the water is seeping.

Do it Yourself Ways for Baltimore Residents to Repair Cracks that Cause Leaky Basements


There are many foundation crack repair solutions available in the market and you could make use of the in such cases. Whenever there is seepage occurring because of concrete block walls the first job is to seal the block walls with suitable resins and adhesives and then go in for extensive repairs.

When to Call a Professional for your Leaky Basement Problem in Baltimore

In many cases it would not be possible to repair the leaks to basements on your own. You may have to seek the help and assistance of professionals who could help out in this matter. For example if the leakages is happening because of damaged clay brick walls, then you will have to break open the damaged part and fix it with new bricks and also use a combination of mortars, seals and resins to secure the place. Leaks could also occur because of gaps between foundation walls and floors. This can be repaired temporarily with the help of epoxy resins. However, for a permanent solution of leaky basement problems in Baltimore, taking the help of professional is important.

Homeowners, don’t let Leaky Basement Problems in Baltimore Get Your Down.  Call MD Waterproofing today!

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