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Important Safety Tips for Water Damage Clean up in your Home

Stay safe during Water Damage Clean Up: Here’s How

water damage clean upWater damage could happen in your home at any time.  Maybe your sump pump broke during a storm and water backed up in the basement.  Or you could be experiencing sub zero temperatures in the winter that caused a pipe to burst.  Whatever the cause of water damage, it’s important to know how to keep your family safe during water damage clean up.
Here are some tips to keep you safe during water damage or flooding in your home.
1) Never walk in standing water without shutting off the power.  Don’t risk getting electrocuted. disconnect the main electricity to the basement. You may need to call the electric company to have power disconnected to your home before you step into any standing water.
2) Call your insurance company to check for coverage. It’s a good idea to call your insurance company right away when you spot water damage.  Most standard homeowners policies provide protection from water damage. Save all paperwork and receipts from any costs that you incur from cleaning up the water damage so you can file those with your insurance company for reimbursement.
3) Remove and unplug any electronics and appliances such as electronics, TVs and radios, and washer/dryers.
4) Clean up the excess water.  Use mops, towels, and fans.  A shop vac works well to suction up water. A dehumidifier can help remove the excess moisture from the air.
5) Inspect your belongings.  If you have any paper, furniture, clothing, rugs or other items that are damaged throw them out.  If you keep damp items in the area they could foster mold and mildew growth.
6) Disinfect.  Vacuum floors, ceilings and walls and then wash with disinfectant. Cleaning with a 10% bleach solution will prevent mold and mildew growth.
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