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Q. My basement doesn’t leak, but the walls are always damp, why?

A: Many times basement dampness is an indication of moisture trapped in the hollows of block walls.  Eventually lime will leach from the concrete mixture within the foundation creating a white, chalky substance called efflorescence which can be seen on unfinished basement walls. If the area is finished with drywall, paint or wallpaper, in addition to damp spots, you may notice mold and mildew.   Left unattended, the detioration will continue to progress eventually leading to structural damage necessitating foundation repair.  Always call for your free basement inspection.  Our waterproofing inspectors have years of experience in determining the sources of basement dampness.  They take great pride in sharing their waterproofing and foundation repair knowledge with you, at no cost, and will inform you of additional precautions you may take to avoid a wet basement.

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