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Basement Waterproofing in Baltimore

basement waterproofing baltimoreReasons why you need basement waterproofing in Baltimore

Many people do not think about their basement until there has been a critical damage to the foundation or any other problem. There are some of the reasons why as a homeowner you would need basement waterproofing in Baltimore services.

Top Ways Basement Waterproofing for your Baltimore Home Benefits You

1. Health

Did you know that having a dunk, damp and musty basement can have serious health problems on you and your family? Excess moisture in the basement provides good conditions for growth of mold and mildew.

Spores from the mold, when inhaled, can cause serious respiratory problems. Waterproofing your basement therefore not only keeps your basement dry but also enables you and your family to stay healthy.

2. Money saving in utility bills

Waterproofing your basement will save you tons of money. Heating damp air takes more energy than dry air. The heat capacity of vapor is greater than dry air. Waterproofing your basement will, therefore, see you save on utility bills.

3. Wasted space

Having a damp basement limits the amount of storage space available since you can risk storing them in a damp basement since they will be destroyed by moisture. With a wet basement, the space available remains useless. Waterproofing the basement will, therefore, allow you to save more on space.

Top causes of water damage in homes that basement waterproofing Baltimore providers can repair

1. Flooding

This is a common type of water damages in homes. Basements become flooded and cause many different problems such rot, mildew and mold growth. Even in the absence of the storm, the basement could be flooded by standing water.

2. Sump pipe

A sump pipe is planted on the lowest part of your house and dug into the ground. Sump pipe pumps water out that gets built up under the house. Improper installation of sump pipe and power outages are among the leading causes of water damages in Baltimore.

3. Plumbing

Improper Plumbing installations is also a major cause of water damages in Baltimore. Faulty problems in kitchen or bathrooms can cause severe damage. Your sinks could overflow, or your toilet or broken valve could overflow causing puddles on the floor.

Types of damages that can occur without proper waterproofing

There are many damages which are associated with water damages in your household. Some of the problems are;

Cracked walls; crack on the wall can be horizontal, diagonal, vertical or stair stepped. Structural damage or severe pressure is evident by widening of cracks on the walls of a building.

Peeling paint is also another sign of water damage on your property. This is a serious problem in Baltimore. Water seeping through the house walls can lead to peeling or bubbling paint along the basement walls.

Efflorescence; is a condition in which a white and powdery residue is found on the basement walls near the floor.

Tips to prevent basement leaks 

Some of the tips to avoid basement water leaks in Baltimore are;

Use proper gutters: Roof drainage is one of the causes of basement leaks. Properly designed gutters which are clean, and discharge some 4 to 6 feet from the house foundation are ideal for keeping your basement dry.

Sloping soil: the angle of the soil around the soil perimeter is of the essence and determines the condition of your basement. The angle recommended should slope downward away from the foundation wall.

Basement Waterproofing Baltimore services Ensure Your Family’s Home will Stay in Top Shape for Many Years to Come

Basement Waterproofing Baltimore services from MD Waterproofing can Repair Leaks and Protect Your Home.  Call us Today at (410) 255-9035.

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