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7 Tips for Clean Up After a Basement Flood

During a heavy rainstorm, every owner’s biggest fear is having the sump pump go out. Unfortunately, there will always be that one time when you go down to check your basement only to see the flood waters rising.  Darn, your basement is flooded. So what do you do? How do you clean up the mess and prevent basement flooding from happening again?

Here’s some steps to basement flood clean up.

1) Stay Safe: If the basement is flooded and the power is on do not go into the basement. :The waters can carry the electrical charge and shock or electrocute you.

2) Call a contractor.  They will know what to do to clear the area of water, ensure there is no mold damage, and restore your basement back to new.

3) Sump Pump.  You can determine if the sump pump just got overwhelmed, is in need of repair, or if you need a new one. Battery back up systems are also available in case of a power outage.

4) Dry Out the Basement.  Get all the air circulation you can to the area.  Open windows and use fans. Many water restoration companies have big fans that help you dry the area completely to ensurer that mold does not grow.

5) Use Bleach to Prevent Mold Growth.  Wear protective clothing and eye gear.

6) Rip out and replace damaged dry wall.

7) Staying Warm.  If it’s cold and the power is out, a damp house can be unbearable.  Consider putting your family up in a hotel until the power is back on and it’s safe to return to your home.

Here’s hoping you never need this checklist.  But when disaster strikes it’s nice to know what to do to handle basement flooding. Having a local basement flooding expert you trust in your phone
contacts can bring you peace of mind.  They are there when you need them.

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