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6 Ways to Winterize Your Home When You Leave on Winter Vacation

Winterize your Home: Here’s what to do before you leave on that trip.

winterize your homeWinter is typically the time of year when people take those long to visit family or head to a beach getaway. But in addition to remembering to pack the sun tan lotion for your trip, it’s equally important to winterize your home before you leave. These great tips on how to winterize your home during vacation will go a long way in preventing cold weather problems.

1) Turn off the Water Valve.  Shutting the water valve off when you leave can help in the event of water leaks, burst or broken plumbing pipes or natural disasters. It takes a little bit of time, and it can save thousands of dollars in potential damage. You may find the valve in the basement or crawl space below your house, on a wall near the front.

2) Set the Thermostat.  When winter temperatures take a dive below freezing, you’ll want to protect your pipes.  Setting the temperature to 55 degrees or higher will keep the pipes from bursting.

3) Unplug Unused Appliances and Electronics. Pulling the plugs on appliances will save you money.  Even though they are not in use, they still pull a small draw of energy. Pry the refrigerator open so that it doesn’t get moldy inside.

4) Pour Antifreeze in Drains. Protect sink, bathtub, and shower drain traps from freezing by pouring about 1 cup of plumbing antifreeze down each drain.

5) Clean Gutters.  If you get a heavy snow, you don’t want clogged gutters to cause a leak. Inspect and clean gutter rain spouts and other drainage systems so they will work properly

6) Cover Outdoor Water Spigots.  Placing these covers over your outdoor water faucets helps prevent pipes from freezing in the winter. They are easy to install and secures around the spout on outdoor faucets.

Help I Forgot to Winterize my Home and My Pipes Burst!

Whether your pipes are old, damaged or frozen, from not winterizing your home properly, you’ll need to stop the flooding. Don’t panic. Here’s what to do. Maryland WaterProofing can help you clean up the damage and repair your home. Call Maryland WaterProofing 24-Hour Emergency Hotline at 1-866-771-5260

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