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6 Ways to Prevent Flooding to your Home this Spring

The grass is growing greener and robins are appearing. Sure signs that spring is on it’s way.
As the temperatures rise, it’s time to get outside and take care of spring maintenance.
Just as April showers bring May flowers, spring rains bring added risk of flooding to your home.

Here are ways to prevent flooding this spring with some basic home maintenance.

spring-showers1) Roof Tips. Check to see if you have any loose shingles. Having a proper seal with shingles prevents water from leaking in through the roof. Spotting any weak spots in the roof that need repaired can stop damaged ceilings in your home from occurring.

2) Gutters. Clear out any leaves or other debris that may have gathered in your gutters. Make sure any downspouts drain away from your home’s foundation.

3) Inspect the interior foundation walls. Take a flashlight and walk around your basement looking for any cracks, moisture, or damage. Having excess moisture in your basement can lead to mold growth. So sealing any leaks will keep your basement dry. Consider adding a dehumidifier to remove the excess moisture from the air.

4) Check the exterior foundation outside your home. See if the foundation has holes or dips. When it rains or storms, water may pool in these low spots and leak into the foundation of your home. Repair these holes by filling them with soil and making sure the ground slopes away from the foundation.

5) Windows. Look at the window seals on the outside of your home. See if any gaps or cracks have occurred that may let in moisture. Seal these seals with caulk for a moisture proof seal.

6) Check sump pump. Test your sump pump to make sure it’s working properly. The battery may need changed. The last thing you need it to get up after a spring rain storm to find out your basement has flooded because the sump pump stopped working.

So take advantage of this warm weather to head outside and do some home maintenance.
An ounce of prevention prevents a pound of frustration to prevent flooding.

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